Professional Experience

With more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, we have a broad background in just about every phase of product development and deployment, including system architecture, systems engineering, standards, product design and testing, field operations, product management, technical sales and marketing support, etc. Our primary areas of technical expertise and experience include:

  • Systems Engineering and Offer/Value Proposition development
  • System and Product Architecture
  • Hardware, Firmware and Software Development
  • Data communication/networking and LAN protocols
  • Standards strategy and development
  • Global technical, sales, and marketing support
  • Technical due diligence
  • Expert witness

We have extensive product experience in the following areas:

  • Structured cabling and physical layer networking (commercial and residential, copper and fiber)
  • LANs and Residential networks (IEEE 1394/FireWire, IEEE 802.3/Ethernet, IEEE 802.11/Wi-Fi)
  • Switching systems (circuit, packet, and optical)
  • Optical Networking


Les Baxter

Mr. Baxter is a registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey (License No. GE 37036) and a Fellow of the IEEE. He has authored more than 30 articles in technical and trade publications and is co-author of the book Premises Cabling 3rd ed. (ISBN 1-4018-9820-3, Dec. 2005) and author of Residential Networks (ISBN 1-4018-6267-5, June 2005). He has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has made technical presentations on 5 continents. He has contributed to a number of EIA/TIA,ISO/IEC, and IEEE standards. He holds 8 US patents. Mr. Baxter received a MSEE degree from the University of Delaware and a Mini-MBA in Global Business from Penn State University.

Mr. Baxter was employed for 24 years at Bell Laboratories in the Business Communication Systems, Network Cable Systems, and Optical Networking business units. Prior to that, he worked for duPont, the University of Delaware, and Computer Consoles Inc. He founded Baxter Enterprises in 2001.

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